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The My Favorite Coffee Story Show has always been about the “stories” that define people’s lives and value system, often shared over a cup of coffee. We are currently taking a break and will update with news on the show’s return date. Until then, curl up with a warm cup of your favorite coffee and browse our archives for shows covering special one on one moments, coffee history, coffee health benefits, recipes, great coffee houses of the world, coffee movie moments and stories of how the coffee phenomena permeates all of our lives in some way. The My Favorite Coffee Story show features guest speakers discussing a range of topics from coffee recipes, coffee history, health benefits of coffee and more.

Featured Episode: Living Life Through Coffee…Reinventing Oneself
Original Air Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Guest: Maria Esther Lopez-Thome

Description: Our special guest Maria Esther Lopez-Thome will be sharing her incredible story, how coffee helped her reinvent herself. We’ll learn about Maria Esther’s twenty year career as a lawyer in Venezuela and then how she decided to spend all of her time focusing on coffee as a trainer, barista and attending coffee events while learning more about specialty coffee. We can’t wait to hear the inspiring stories how coffee brought hope, smiles and dreams and how she decided to setup Cafe Registrado in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015.

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